About the President
A graduate of Syracuse University, Christina is a past avid competitor who has won many titles and awards. She is honored to have had her photo featured on the OPRAH show. As a professional actress, she has been filmed in movie scenes with Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jennifer Aniston. Christina is proud to produce quality shows where young ladies can develop self-esteem and confidence while having fun and meeting new people.

Christina Couto
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2016 Pageant Dates and Locations
All pageants except for Miss U.S. of America will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Shelton, CT
To make reservations call: 203-929-1500
Miss. U.S. of America will be held at the Sheraton at the Bradley Int'l Airport in Windsor Locks, CT
To make reservations call: 860-627-5311
America's National Pageant - Sunday, June 26, 2016

Special Group Rate of $95/night. Must mention Pageant!
Click here to make reservations
Miss U.S. of America - August 13 & 14, 2016

America's Yankee Miss - Sunday, November 6, 2016
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Our PRE-TEEN Miss U.S. of AMERICA - Kelsey Dube,
finds herself on a wall mural in an Applebees Restaurant!

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4TH Annual Calendar PHOTO CONTEST - 2014 Winners
      WINNER - Jazlene Paris Martinez
      1st Runner-Up - Zoe Nguyen
      2nd Runner-Up - Isabella Izzo
      3rd Runner-Up - Elizabeth Curette
      4th Runner-Up - Katherine McQuade

      WINNER - Michelle Robichaud
      1st Runner-Up - Rachel Hansen
      2nd Runner-Up - Cianna Winkler
      3rd Runner-Up - Lynn Priest

      WINNER - Mckayla Morrison
      1st Runner-Up - Zoe Nguyen
      2nd Runner-Up - Natasha DeCosta
      3rd Runner-Up - Jazlene Paris Martinez

MARCH 2014
      WINNER - Mia Bezrudczyk
      1st Runner-Up - Allison Meader
      2nd Runner-Up - Brenna Griswold
      3rd Runner-Up - Gwenyth Pytel

APRIL 2014
      WINNER - Rachel Hansen
      1st Runner-Up - Zoyee Newton
      2nd Runner-Up - Sydney Cooke
      3rd Runner-Up - Hazel Tomaszewski

MAY 2014
      WINNER - Olivia Price
      1st Runner-Up - Lily Jeswald
      2nd Runner-Up - Zoyee Newton
      3rd Runner-Up - Taylor Hough

JUNE 2014
      WINNER - Annie-Jorden Tomaszek
      1st Runner-Up - Caitlin O'Neill
      2nd Runner-Up - Mary Turner
      3rd Runner-Up - Olivia Price

JULY 2014
      WINNER - Daphne Gregoire
      1st Runner-Up - Kristabel Kenta-Bibi
      2nd Runner-Up - Christine Colby
      3rd Runner-Up - Mary Turner

      WINNER - Taylor Hough
      1st Runner-Up - Lillia Claire Boulanger
      2nd Runner-Up - Zoyee Newton
      3rd Runner-Up - Hazel Tomaszewski

      WINNER - Amber Corbett
      1st Runner-Up - Zoyee Newton
      2nd Runner-Up - Mary Turner
      3rd Runner-Up - Cianna Winkler

      WINNER - Hazel Tomaszewski
      1st Runner-Up - Cassidy McHenry
      2nd Runner-Up - Devin McHenry
      3rd Runner-Up - Katherine Parker

      WINNER - Marianna McCallum
      1st Runner-Up - Brenna Alley
      2nd Runner-Up - Natalia DeCosta
      3rd Runner-Up - Charlie Alejandro

      WINNER - Carter Hey
      1st Runner-Up - Riley Paige Michaud
      2nd Runner-Up - Mary Turner
      3rd Runner-Up - Rachel Hansen

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