About the President
A graduate of Syracuse University, Christina is a past avid competitor who has won many titles and awards. She is honored to have had her photo featured on the OPRAH show. As a professional actress, she has been filmed in movie scenes with Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jennifer Aniston. Christina is proud to produce quality shows where young ladies can develop self-esteem and confidence while having fun and meeting new people.

Christina Couto
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  • Ages 1-9 yrs Scoring: 1/3 Poise, 1/3 Personality,
         1/3 Appearance
  • Ages 10 yrs & up Scoring: 1/3 Interview & Personality,
         1/3 Poise & Stage Presence, 1/3 General Appearance
  • 10:00-11:30am - REGISTRATION for all ages. If you do NOT wish to attend the Saturdays events; you may arrive on Sunday only. If arriving on Sunday ONLY ALL fees must be paid in full 5 days before the pageant
  • 12:00pm - LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
  • 1:00pm - ORIENTATION
  • 4:00pm - POOL PARTY
  • 8:00pm - FREE MOM PAGEANT for those attending Dinner (no gown required)
  • 9:00-11:00am - INTERVIEWS (ages 10 & up)
  • 11:15-11:45am - REHEARSAL for all contestants (Mandatory)
  • 1:00pm - PAGEANT, GOWN FIRST, OPTIONAL EVENTS (Modeling, Outfit of Choice, Talent & Mother/Daughter) & AWARDS
    Will win a beautiful Crown, large Trophy, satin Sash,
    Flowers, Sceptor, rhinestone Jewelry,
    photo, special Gifts, and an invitation to attend other Pageants
    as a Royal guest.
  • 2 QUEENS with the HIGHEST PAGEANT SCORES (0-9 & 10+ yrs)
  • GOLD & SILVER QUEENS - Crown, Sash, and Trophy.
    Will win a beautiful Trophy
  • TALENT WINNERS (in each age division)
    Beautiful Crown, Trophy and Sash. Runners-up will recieve a Trophy
  • MODEL WINNERS (in each age division)
    Beautiful Crown, Trophy and Sash. Runners-up will recieve a Trophy
  • PHOTOGENIC WINNERS (in each age division)
    Beautiful Crown, Trophy, Sash. Runners-up will recieve a trophy
  • OUTFIT of CHOICE -(in each age division) Will win a Trophy. High-Point OOC Winner will also receive a CASH Award.
    2 Crowns, Sashes & Trophies. Runners-up will recieve Trophies
  • SUPERMODEL Beautiful Crown, Sash, Trophy & a $100 CASH AWARD.
  • SPIRIT OF PAGEANTRY - Plaque & subscription to pageantry magazine and photo featured in future issue of magazine.
  • MISS POPULARITY - Crown, Sash, and Trophy.

Scholarship Winner - $500 CASH!


  • Your age as of pageant date will determine what age group you will compete in. The director has the right to request valid proof of age at any time.
  • Minimal make-up allowed for ages 9 and under during Sunday competitions. Make-up is allowed on Saturday for all ages.
  • A dressing room will be provided by the pageant officials for all contestants. Only one companion (ex. mother, hairdresser, etc.) will be allowed in at a time with each contestant. ONLY FEMALES can enter the dressing room. If you require a large space, we suggest you stay overnight at the Host Hotel, so you can have your own room to change in.
  • Junior, Teen & Miss contestants must be single, never married and have no children
  • Mrs. contestants must be married as of pageant day
  • Ms & Classic Ms contestants can be single, married or divorced / with or without children.
  • Contestants must be a resident of the U.S.
  • Poor Sportsmanship will not be allowed and will be grounds for disqualification without refund
  • Points will be deducted if time limits are exceeded in Talent & Modeling competitions.
  • Contestants ages 10 and older must be able to participate in each phase of competition unassisted
  • NO CONFETTI nor GLITTER can be thrown or dropped on the stage or dance floor during any performance
  • Past pageant winners in this pageant may compete again in same age division as long as they take a two year break from competing in this pageant

ALL Judges Decisions are Final

  • If attending Sunday Only, ALL FEES must be paid in full 7 days prior to pageant day.
  • SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY - OPTIONAL COMPETITON you will be eligible to win scholarship funds to be awarded by Couto Pageant Productions, Inc. We will present a $500 CASH AWARD to a deserving SCHOLAR (any age can apply). The pageant results will have no bearing on how this scholarship is awarded. Additional information will be sent
    to you upon recieving your pageant application.
  • CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS - FOR ALL AGE DIVISIONS; ONE OUTFIT is required for the pageant/stage competition; a long gown or short dress. Style & color is the contestants choice. Contestants ages 10 and older will also need an interview outfit.
  • OPTIONAL PHOTOGENIC - This competition is open to all age divisions. No Limit on number of photos submitted. ($25 fee applies to each photo) Photos can be wallet size up to 8.5 x 11, color or black & white. Photos MUST be handed in at registration. Name & age must be on back of photo. All photos will be returned on pageant day.
  • OPTIONAL MODELING - Outfit can be sports related or a cute simple outfit. Glitzy attire & westernwaer is also acceptable for this catagory. One routine only is allowed with a 1 minute time limit. Modeling ability, Personality, & potential will be scored. The actual Outfit itself will not be judged. Pageant supplies music.
  • OPTIONAL TALENT - You can perform one or two seperate talent routines with a maximum time limit of 3 minutes each. Acts that may be dangerous to our audience will not be allowed. This competition will not be available for Baby Division
  • OUTFIT of CHOICE MODELING - You will be judged 50% on the actual outfit, and 50% on how you model the outfit. Any style outfit is allowed. Swimsuits are acceptable. TWO minute time limit on this catagory and you can supply your own music to go with your outfit if you wish. Bring music on cassette or CD
  • MISS POPULARITY AWARD - The contestant from each show with the biggest cheering section in the audience will be named Miss Popularity & recieve a beautiful Trophy, Crown, and Sash.
  • RECOMMENDING FRIENDS - Feel free to tell your friends about our pageant by directing them to our website. tell them to put your name on the application (Where did you hear of this pageant?). If you recommend one friend who enters - you will receive a BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP Trophy. For each additional friend that enters you will recieve a $50 CASH Award. Friends can not be on our mailing list to qualify for this award.
  • GOLDEN SPIRIT AWARDS - We award Golden Spirit Plaques to 5th time Participants! Please let us know if this is your 5th year competing inthe Miss Royal America Pageant.
COUTO PAGEANTS HAVE PROUDLY DONATED a portion of the pageant proceeds to ST. Jude Childrens Research Hospital since 1995!
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