Vendor / Booth Application
VENDOR / BOOTH FEES One 6 ft table - $175 (only $125 if donating a gift or certificate approx $50 or more to our raffle)
Two tables for ONE single business: $200 (or $150 if donating a gift approx $75 or more to our raffle)
One table for a Pageant Competition: $250 flat fee
NOTE: GIFTS can be an actual item, OR a certificate for an entry to a pageant, Discount for an item, etc...
Cost of ADDMISSION will be $20 for attendees. FREE ADMISSION to Pageant contestants.
~ Each VENDOR will receive TWO FREE VENDOR Passes ~
  • 9:00am-10:00am: VENDOR / BOOTH SET UP
  • 10:00am: DOORS OPEN to PUBLIC
  • 11:00am -12:30pm: Pageant participants pick up contestant numbers and continue to visit booths
  • 1:00pm: Vendors will start INTRODUTIONS; each vendor will have 5 minutes at the podium, or on stage to speak about their business. Your time slot will be given to you during the set up.
  • VENDORS MAY LEAVE at 2:00 if they wish to leave early! Booth items must be out of ballroom by 2:30pm or you must stay til the end of the pageant!!
  • 2:30pm: PAGEANT begins on stage in Ballroom (ALL AGE DIVISIONS)
VENDOR SPACE IS LIMITED!! Please send this form along with your $75 to hold your space!
PERSON in CHARGE:    Assistant's name:
I will need an electrical outlet ($10 Extra FEE)
I Perfer a
~ Earlier we receive your deposit, most likely we can accommodate your request ~
  • Hotel Rules must be adheared to, especially concerning what can be pinned to walls.
  • Only paying exhibitors will be allowed to promote their services and products.
  • All Fess are non-refundable!
  • Anyone found to be promoting a product , service, or pageant system that is not part of a paying booth, will be promptly asked to leave the premises! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Vendors may not pack up and leave during the pageant. Vendors must pack up prior to the start of the pageant, or after the pageant, but not during the pageant.
  • No Vendor, nor assistant, is to be heard speaking negatively of any person nor of other pageant related business.

I am applying for a booth space at the NORTHEAST EXPO to take place in December. I have read and understand all the rules set forth by the pageant expo committee. We (self and booth assistant) release Couto Pageant Productions, Inc and staff from any and all claims for damages or for injuries we may sustain while participating in this Expo event.